Home Shifting

How hard could it be to shift home ? Especially a guy who has lived a minimalist life. No furniture, no unnecessary clothes in the Cupboard , one pair of shoes and some books along with the laptop. Still I find it very difficult to move into another unfurnished house which I recently rented. Recently means……..it’s been almost 4 months now. Yeah I know…..pls don’t start judging me. What can I do? I wasn’t able to find that excitement of living on my own recently. Even though I am an introvert, the thought of living all alone with no one to even say “hello” when you come home is too much for me. I was never alone, I always shared my room.

And Now I will tell you about this home I rented. Actually this belongs to my uncle, who recently retired and went back to our village to live the rest of his life, close to nature. At least that’s what he said to me. So my good uncle let me stay at his apartment in the city.

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Every single day I wake up thinking, today I will move to my new home. Then I start preparing a list of things I would need. And each time when the list is prepared, it will scare me off, like I have seen a ghost. All the tedious household chores I would have to do before get settled in…….. MY GOSH. My laziness get kicked in and I’ll be like , “no need to hurry, there is always tomorrow “. When will that day comes, no idea, but hey, at least I have a daily routine of planning things for my new home. That’s a good thing right ?


Never Ever

After have gone to a place like Sarojini Nagar Market for shopping, by the time I reached home I felt like I just finished playing all the 90 minutes in a football game. You will be tired as hell and not to mention the bunch of bags full of items you have bought during the time. If you are an extrovert and an active person, it won’t bother much. But a person like me who is a certified lazy guy, it’s a bit too much.

Sarojini Nagar Market(S N Market) is the biggest market place in India. New Delhi has lots of markets scattered with in her. Since she had been the favourite spot for capital for almost all medieval empires, especially “Mughals”. But SN market was not built by any Maharajah or Emperor. It was built to cater the needs of residents in those area, mainly government officials. It was set up during 1950 as a local market. Today this is a heaven for anyone who is looking for budget shopping.

The kind of crowd that pour into SN market made me terrified of the place. I don’t usually like crowded places. Usually the sense of “ being crowded” for us, in India, is entirely different from Europe. Since I was born in India where the probability of finding a non crowded place is like none, I could deal with small crowds. But here the size is in-apprehensible for me. Here people fill in the place like water during a flood.

I stopped at the gate of the market, contemplating my decision to go to a place like this.

You still have time. Go back. My inner-self called out to me. But I wouldn’t listen. I planned it accordingly or at least that’s what I thought. I have to to sneak in for some purchases and would be out like with in 30 minutes. How hard could it be ?

I let my self in the market. The crowd baffled me. It was slithering like a python on a branch of tree, slow but dangerous. I pushed my self into the crowd. I tried to follow the person in front of me, who is doing the same with the guy before him. It was exactly like a football(soccer) game. People push you around all the time. At last I reached my destination without any body parts missing.

It was another scene altogether in the shop. There was not even space to place a foot. The shop was crowded like there is no tomorrow. “How am I going to reach out to the guy in the shop ? This was a mistake.” I blamed myself for this decision. I tried to call out to him to get his attention towards me. But no luck there. I passed a look around me in fear. People are trying to push each other to get to the counter, seemed like a battle going on there. It was too draining, physically & mentally, to be there.canstock47087783

“This is a nightmare, get out of here, you don’t have to be in this cacophony. You are not cut out for this, this is too much for you”, my mind keep reminding me. Suddenly two guys started pushing each other. One guy was asking why is the other one pushing him, like the one asking is not doing the same thing and then escalated into a fist fight. That was my cue, I scoot from there immediately never to look back. To hell with the shopping in India’s largest market place.

I reached home. I put my feet on the table laid back on the sofa. Now, this is wonderful. So calm and quiet. I took my phone and searched for the shopping apps in the play store, No more outdoor shopping

How to enjoy a Sunday ?

Perhaps Sunday is the most lovable day in the whole week , may be except major Muslim nations where Fridays are off. If you are a scobberlotcher (a lazy one) then Sundays are super sweet.

On Sundays I can just lay down for hours like a cat. I can get comfy on an arm chair just looking at the trees swaying in the wind. People always question me,

How can you be so lazy and do nothing at all ? You are wasting precious time of your life. Go out and enjoy like an actual human being.  Do you have any idea what’s going on in the real world?

Like the only way to find out what’s going on in this crazy world is getting out in to the road and running around asking people how they are doing ? Sometimes I think people asks these weird questions because they are jealous that how this guy is pulling this off ? To me doing nothing at all gives me new ideas. Some great, like writing and some are crazy enough that you don’t even want to know.courtesy: funny-pics.co

I think people should cut me some slack about the fact that I am lazy. Deal with it, that’s who I am. It’s not like I am some kind of weirdo psychopath or serial killer. People need to understand the fact that you don’t need to be active to be successful. Success doesn’t depend on how much rather on how.

Being lazy doesn’t always means I am inactive. It’s just that I am active on other dimensions of life where the majority don’t like to tread.


The Scobberlotcher

I met this guy in the Public Library, he is more of a young adult than a man. The rendezvous was weird and  in a way put me in perspective.

What I am about to tell you is of high importance, he reminded me as if he was going to reveal a top diplomatic secret.

The world has a wrong perception of us.

US ? I asked

Yeah, US, the scobberlotchers, that’s what I call US.

I stared at him dumb. That big 15 letter word fired off his mouth hit me like bullets from a machine-gun. Continue reading “The Scobberlotcher”